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Our speciality is timekeeping across different calendering systems, solving time related problems that have alluded even the giants. Up until now, businesses have not been able to schedule a meeting in different locations (spanning different timezones on different calendar systems) through software alone. How does Microsoft schedule a meeting with its office in Beijing, China? With a telephone!!!

What software tools are available to the Manager in Toyko to communicate with a client site in Tel Aviv, informing the Toyko Manager of local customs observed at the client site (office may be closed before sundown on the Sabbath)? We couldn't find any.

What scheduling software tools take into account the change in the day length as the seasons progress? Sundown in Tel Aviv in the winter is a different time than in the summer.

What scheduling software allows you to set dates in any calendar you choose. Before your trip to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia you can actually create your meetings on the Islamic calendar, then view the planner in the Gregorian calendar. Your calendar and scheduling software should be as flexible as you, to meet your demanding needs, not impose limitations.